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About Us

Historical Background of QUIRELCO

Quirino Electric Cooperative was organized and registered as a non- stock non-profit, service oriented Cooperative with the National Electrification Administration (NEA) by virtue of Presidential Decree 269 on July 7, 1977. The first pole erected by the cooperative was in-front of Diffun Gymnasium, Diffun, Quirino. The distribution line was connected to ISELCO 1 in Cordon, Isabela. It was in the year 1980, when the municipalities of Diffun and Cabarroguis were energized.

On May 13, 1981, the National Electrification Commission granted Quirino Electric Cooperative Inc. a Certificate of Franchise to operate for 50 years in the area presently comprised by the following municipalities, Diffun, Cabarroguis, Saguday, Aglipay and Maddela. The Municipality of Nagtipunan was formerly a part of Maddela, it was created on February 25, 1983, by virtue of Batas Pambansa No. 345 and approved in a plebiscite held on September 24, 1983. The name of incorporators as reflected in the Articles of Incorporation were Atty Pascual L. Luis the Provincial Administrator of Quirino, Mr. Fructouso G. Natividad Jr., Mr. Delfin V. Vaquilar Jr., Ms. Erlinda C. Danao and Ms. Rosalina G. Sadang.

Consequently, after the issuance of the aforesaid mentioned certificate, its line was extended to the next town and later energized the municipalities of Saguday and Aglipay on 1982, wherein distribution lines were still attached with ISELCO-I.

In 1983, the first substation (5 MVA) was then constructed at San Leonardo, Aglipay, Quirino. It was then formally energized on July 31 of same year. After which, QUIRELCO started to independently operate and distribute power supply to its franchise area. The electrification of the Municipality of Maddela was implemented on year 1983. With the leadership and help of Mayor Andres Blando, the expansion of distribution lines in the municipality of Nagtipunan was executed on year 1984.

The first Acting General Manager was Mr. Pablo Sison, the General Manager of ISELCO 1 and was succeeded by NEA appointee, Mr. Horacio T. Carluen (1979-1982) who worked for the hiring of employees. In 1982- 1984, Mr. Danilo Cruz was designated as Acting General Manager. Followed by Engr. Irenio C. Dulay who was then designated as Acting General Manager and later permanently assigned as GM in 1985 up to 1989. Subsequently, MSD Chief Clemente S. Salvador, Jr., was designated as Officer-In-Charge and was then appointed by the NEA as General Manager from 1990 up to November 2001. After the retirement of Mr. Salvador, Deputy General Manager Engr. Avelino Agravante became the Officer-In-Charge and later on permanently hired by the NEA as General Manager from 2001 up to 2003. In 2004-2005, Engr. Marlito Dela Cruz served as Officer-In-Charge. After which, Mr. Nelson G. Macato, OIC of the Finance Services Department, was assigned as Officer-In-Charge of the Cooperative in 2006. It was during this period that QUIRELCO registered to the Cooperative Development Authority. Mr. Macato was then appointed by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) in 2006 up to 2009. The following year, Mr. Fidel V. Pascua was designated as Acting GM and was later permanently assigned by the CDA from 2010 up to 2012. Engr. Jimmy M. Tumacder, TSD Manager, succeeded GM Pascua and was designated as Officer-In-Charge in 2012. Engr. Tumacder was later appointed by the CDA as General Manager in 2012 up to 2021. In 2021, TSD Manager Cesar P. Gulla, was assigned as Officer-In-Charge. After 6 months, Mr. Gulla was appointed by the CDA as General Manager in October 2021.


QUIRELCO Main office is situated at the gateway of Quirino Province, municipality of Diffun, barangay Aurora East. It covers 33 barangays with 14,090 members and 17,113 house connections. It has six (6) sub- offices from Cabarroguis, Saguday, Aglipay, Maddela Nagtipunan and San Agustin. The Coop only serves 18 barangays of San Agustin Isabela, a franchise area of ISELCO I. QUIRELCO is composed of two areas. Area – I is covering Cabarroguis, Saguday and Aglipay with 51 barangays, 19,922 members and 23,616 house connections while Area-II is situated at Aglipay, Maddela and Nagtipunan covering 66 barangays with 18,244 members and 20,286 house connections. The total number of Member-Consumer-Owners is 52,256 with 61,015 total number of house connections. The three (3) substations which serves as the heart of the distribution system are located at San Leonardo, Aglipay, Quirino (5 MVA), Cajel, Diffun, Quirino (10 MVA) and the latest inaugurated 10MVA substation is located at Sta. Maria, Maddela, Quirino.  


QUIRELCO was registered under the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) with  Registration No. 9520-02009001 on August 2006.


To maintain a quality electric service thru dedication and pro-active involvement for the socio-economic development of Quirino


To become the best utility agency with our committed and competent personnel in the delivery of quality electric service

Corporate Values

Quality Service








Best Practices

The journey to excellence starts with a single step, as gradual process leads to success. Along the way, progressive changes visibly occur that eventually advanced to better performance until the peak is reached. This is a reality in the case of QUIRELCO, the hardworking and collaborative effort of the entire workforce has paved the way to what the cooperative is today. The Board of Directors, Management and Staff does not cease to envision greater endeavors even if there is a strong pressure for service excellence or a threat against the franchise of electric cooperatives. There is resiliency in the effect of pandemic and high cost of generation charge which cannot be avoided by any electric distribution utility.

From the aforementioned premises, we have to move forward. The outcome of the resolute effort of all the members of QUIRELCO is what can now be dubbed as “BEST PRACTICES”.  QUIRELCO did not reach the improvement in a blink of an eye, it was a process of slowly climbing up. It started out with a change from within the employees’ discipline. Strict observance of office hours was implemented. The knowledge and skills of the human resources are continuously upgraded through seminars and trainings to maximize their efficiency and increase productivity for the development of the service of the coop to its member-consumers. Departmental team building activities were given proper attention to develop inter-personal bonding among the employees. To address immediate important issues, we have weekly staff meeting. In addition, the second Monday of every month is utilized to impart the accomplishments, plans and educate employees on the updated issues relating to the industry. To boost the morale of employees we use this as venue to give awards to the deserving employees who delivered an exemplary performance for the last month.

Reaching the Member-Consumer-Owners (MCOs) to make them feel that they own the cooperative is another area of concern. The distribution of Share Capital Stocks certificates for the MCOs who have fully paid their Share Capital was given important attention. The Institutional Services Department diligently pays attention to disseminate current issues & information on the coop’s programs and activities to ensure awareness and participation of MCOs.  Regular radio programs in coordination with the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), DWQP and DZMR was conducted. All activities needed to be known by MCO’s were plugged-in to radio stations. Tarpaulins and other reading materials were posted and distributed up to barangay level. The Cooperative organized the MCOs organization from Barangays, then to the Municipals and to EC Wide level through the Member-Consumer-Owners Program for Empowerment (MCOPE). This is to guarantee the empowerment of MCO’s as its partner in achieving its vision of providing quality electric service and strengthen partnership for the socio-economic development of our province. The guild of barangay electricians was organized to have a steady-partners in delivering immediate electric service. Also, they are effective agents of disseminating information up to the grassroots level aside from being equipped partners in immediate restoration of power services in case a force majeure hits the province. Conduct of Annual General Membership Assembly was simultaneously conducted in different venue using the advance technology of online or virtual meeting. This platform was of great help to the cooperative in reaching out more MCOs’ participation.

Aside from this, the coop regularly coordinates with the Local Government Officials in support of its program. To foster camaraderie, the coop actively participates in the community activities and programs formulated by the LGUs and other non-government sectors.

In the field of collection efficiency, we have achieved the 101% efficiency for the year 2021, this is above NEA’s standard. The management strictly implements the disconnection policy and the magna carta for residential consumers. Prior to the disconnection program, notices of disconnection are distributed to MCOs with unpaid power bills after due date. The notices serve as a reminder to the MCOs to pay their power bills. Most of the MCOs who received said notices of disconnection opts to settle their obligations to avoid disconnection which contributes a lot on a higher collection efficiency. In 2016, we introduced the read-and-bill scheme, which was an aid for an earlier issuance of Statement of Accounts to MCOs for them to prepare early payments. Since then, all power bill payments are accepted only in the collection offices. No collection is made in the field except for far-flung barangays wherein special collectors are deployed. Also due to our updated billing system and online network, the MCOs can pay anywhere (at any sub-office of their choice) regardless of the location of their electric connection.  Recently, another innovation of the EC is the over-the-counter payment at Producers’ Bank which provides convenience to our paying MCOs.

To take action on every complaint or request regarding technical services as quickly as we could, we have a 24/7 hotline wherein MCOs can easily contact our maintenance personnel so that immediate action is being taken in realization of consumers’ satisfaction.

In the field of system loss, we have managed to lower our loss from 12.30% for year 2020 to 11.88% for year 2021. This is an enormous feat. This has started when our coop adapts electric meter clustering on poles. All newly installed Kilowatt Hour meters are now directly mounted on poles. Another factor that contributes to the lowering of system loss is the continuous and regular clearing of lines. We also replaced old meters especially the mechanical type to electronic type with low internal meter loss and to ensure an accurate registration of energy consumption of every consumer. Preventive maintenance of our sub-stations is regularly conducted. Rehabilitation of lines is prioritized in identified problem areas with low voltage, rotten poles, cross arms, broken insulators and areas prone to pilferages.

Moreso, power interruptions are strategically scheduled to minimize revenue loss and consumer complaint. In consideration with the online class, we scheduled our major technical activities during weekends. Upgrading of our distribution system were also implemented throughout the coverage area to improve reliability, efficiency and power quality. With regards to future demand on the usage of electricity we have enough reserved capacity from our three substations.

Although QUIRELCO has not yet reached the peak, we have strong faith that we can make it, because we fervently believe that we have competent, dedicated and united Board of Directors & employees motivated by our Vision: A financially stable QUIRELCO focused on member consumer satisfaction and Mission: To provide a quality electric service and strengthen partnership for the socio-economic development of Quirino. As warriors of light and advocates to the rural development through rural electrification, our electric coop and MCOs must keep on fighting towards our objectives.