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Future Plans that will benefit the MCOs

With QUIRELCO Vision focused on member-consumer-owners satisfaction wherein affordable price of electricity and reliability was the main concern of the cooperative, we are now in the process of consulting with different stakeholders for a Joint Venture for the construction of SOLAR Electric Power Plant and HYDRO Electric Power plant. The realization of this project will directly benefit MCO’s because renewable energy is now the cheapest source electricity in the Philippines.

For additional payment scheme solution, the cooperative will partner with ECPAY, a collecting agent using Over-The-Counter and Mobile Online facilities payment with its collection partners like GCASH, PayMaya, 7/11, RD Pawnshop, Villarica Pawnshop, Palawan Express, banks and more. payment. This payment scheme will give option to MCOs who would like to pay their power bill at the end of their fingertips. The target launching of this project will be on October 26, 2022.

Our cooperative believes that it is a must to maintain a workplace conducive for the MCOs and optimal performance of its staff and personnel as they attain the goals of the rural electrification and further empowering the MCOs through the construction of additional office which shall be called as MCO Center. The office will be having a drive-thru collection area to cater faster collection process and to provide fast lane to paying consumers who expects a quick turnaround of paying their bills without leaving their vehicles. The said office will also accommodate the needs of the would-be member-consumers on their new household connections. Consumer requests and complaints will also be assisted in this area. In line with this objective, the cooperative is also on the process of crafting a long-time development plan for the construction of one and the same kind of office in the entire franchise area of QUIRELCO.  

To improve productivity, operational efficiency and to progress data reliability the cooperative plans for the automation and integration of all systems. The attainment of this is dependent on the deployment of its Fiber Optic Cable to connect the network to all its substation and offices.

As a cooperative registered under the CDA, the distribution of interest on Share Capital and Patronage Refund will be implemented through power bill deduction instead of distributing it through cash return or as an additional share capital. The utilization of the Community Development Fund will be maximized and shall be used for projects and activities that will benefit the community where the cooperative operates. The projects already approved for implementation are the upgrading of electrical system for public schools within the community and installation of electrical wirings for children development center and pabahay program of the Local Government Unit. 

As warriors of light and advocates of rural development through rural electrification, our electric coop and MCOs must keep on fighting towards our objectives; to sustain and protect the existence of our coop in greater service to our MCOs. We have recovered from the effects of the pandemic, we are now resilient enough to face another adversity that may come and we will survive.

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